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Aizu pure taste is tagoto

Tagoto is an inn in Nanoka-machi that has welcomed guests to Aizu-Wakamatsu for many years as they travelled from Eichigo to Yonezawa along the Shimono-Nikko Road.

At the inn, there are still stone seats (yasumi-ishii) where travellers arriving at the Tagoto Inn could sit, and the environment still retains the atmosphere of those long ago days.

Tradiational Japanese dishes, such as Meppa and Kaiseki-ryori used season ingredients from the Aizu area, and which still are very popular with locals and visitors alike.

Once we wish you will enjoy an extravagance cruise with the elegant atmosphere in a building.

We welcome your visit with our sincere hospitality.

会津 料理旅館 田事 玄関

会津料理旅館 田事 囲炉裏

Feel a history.

There are displayed arts and objects of Aizu folk handicrafts in a building. The building has an atmosphere that you also can feel the stream of time in corridors and pillars. When you set foot there, you can feel Nanoka-machi prosperity that continues from Edo period. We hope you will feel Aizu history with a cruise.


Cuisine inn Tagoto (RYOURIRYOKAN TAGOTO)

Cuisine inn Tagoto (RYOURIRYOKAN TAGOTO)